Eduardo Toloza

Eduardo Toloza

Serial Entrepreneur / CEO / CTO / MIT Program Ambassador


About me

Eduardo Toloza

My name is Eduardo Toloza. I consider myself a passionate entrepreneur and computer science enthusiast, particularly in the areas of software development, security, programming, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). I started in this wonderful world at the age of 14, and since then, I have carried out interesting projects and businesses. Additionally, I immersed myself in the security area and later I led the development of important projects in Latin America.

In 2012, I founded my own software factory. Some years later, I worked as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Defontana, a leading ERP SaaS company in LATAM with a presence in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, and Colombia. There, I was head of engineering and digital transformation.

Since 2018, I have been fully dedicated to my venture SatisFactor, a startup founded in the United States that helps Latin American companies focus on their customer experience.

In 2019, I was selected among 30,000 people to participate in a program for high-impact entrepreneurs in the United States. After that, I was a Manager at Deloitte and led the Cloud & Systems Engineering practices there, working together with teams in Chile and the United States.

Later, I also had the opportunity to lead as a CTO an EdTech Startup in partnership with McKinsey & Company.

Currently, I'm CEO & Founder of beeflu to make language learning accessible in Latin America through AI. Also an ambassador for MIT Professional Education.


  • I learned programming on my own at the age of 14.
  • I worked remotely as a developer from Chile to Spain at the age of 16.
  • I built and sold a web portal with over 60,000 visitors per day abroad at the age of 18.
  • I was immersed in the hacking and security world from ages 18 to 22.
  • I sold my second venture at the age of 21.
  • I was a student assistant in several programming classes during university.
  • I became CTO in an international SaaS company at 26 years old, leading +50 professionals.
  • I led two practices, Cloud and System Engineering, at Deloitte in Chile and the US.
  • I founded SatisFactor, an NPS SaaS company, in 2017.
  • In 2019, I was selected from among 30,000 people worldwide to participate in an entrepreneurial program in the US.
  • In 2019, I became a program ambassador for MIT Professional Programs in leadership and innovation.
  • In 2021, I was invited to lead Mentu as CTO, McKinsey & Company's Edtech-Startup for Latin America.
  • In 2023, I founded beeflu, the new AI platform to allow Hispanics to speak English fluently.
  • I've appeared in many magazines and newspapers thanks to my entrepreneurial and tech career.


CEO & Founder - beeflu (2023 - Actualidad)

I founded beeflu in the US to provide a real and effective solution for people in Latin America to acquire English if they were immersed.

beeflu is an AI-based platform that provides a real opportunity to people from Latin America to learn to speak and improve their level of English through conversational situations, with full focus on fluency and pronunciation..

beeflu is the most accessible and effective English tutor in Latin America.

CEO & Founder - SatisFactor (2018 - Actualidad)

I founded SatisFactor in USA and Chile and I've been leading this entrepreneurship from scratch. Currently, we have clients in Chile, Mexico, Perú, Spain and Argentina.

SatisFactor allows your customers to rate your business and provide feedback on areas of improvement, giving you real-time feedback along with a set of metrics and tools to optimize your customers' relationship and experience.

SatisFactor is based on the world's #1 indicator, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and can be integrated into your company through web integration or email campaigns.

CTO & Partner - Mentu (2022 - 2023)

Building a new educational alternative for the future of Latin America.

This startup was accelerated and sponsored by McKinsey & Company.

Cloud & Systems Engineering Manager - Deloitte (2020)

Deloitte is the world's number one private professional services firm. Deloitte Chile and Deloitte Canada operate as a single entity.

  • Manager of Cloud & Systems Engineering.
  • Working together with the Deloitte US team for international clients. (Chile/US)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO - CIO) - Defontana (2014 - 2017)

As the IT Manager and Leader of the Engineering area (+50 professionals), I was responsible for:

  • Digital Transformation of the company
  • Aligning IT to serve the business
  • Standardization of Processes, Architecture / Software Development / Security / QA / Agility (SCRUM)
  • Driving Sales Growth / Reducing Customer Churn / Measuring and Controlling NPS (Net Promoter Score) / Increasing Productivity
  • Supervising Managers, Team and Product Leaders (Product Owner)
  • Controlling Operational Risk & Improving User Experience (UX)
  • Strategic Planning
I led and spearheaded the development "Trial" of the Defontana ERP Product, aiming our business model based on a 100% Digital Product/Company (AARRR Metrics).

This position reports directly to the General Manager.

Senior Project Manager - TAISA S.A (2013 - 2014)

I led a project team composed of engineers specialized in the development of enterprise web and webmobile applications under technologies such as ASP.NET and JAVA J2EE.

I led projects for important companies such as:

  • SURA
  • ENEX (National Energy Company)

CEO & Founder - SOFTET (2012-2013)

Owner and founder of Softet, a company dedicated to providing web services and solutions, primarily in the development of web and webmobile applications and transactional systems.

Team Leader - Netred S.A (2010 - 2011)

Team Lead (PHP / JAVA J2EE)

Leading the development of applications for clients such as:

  • EMOL

Entrepreneur & Freelance - (2002 - 2009)

Development of Websites and Projects for Chilean Companies.

Personal Projects / Ventures:

  • - Download Portal, Reached over 60,000 daily visitors. (Sold abroad)
  • - First LATAM Fotologs Ranking (Sold abroad)
  • - Classified Ads Portal